Psychic Mediums

Psychic mediums are go-betweens, middlemen, conduits or channels between the world of human beings and the entities of the crossover world.

In other words, they are the channels of communication between the physical and the astral planes.  Psychic mediums, therefore, are also called psychic channels. The entities of the other world can be spirits, spirit guides, angels, archangels, sounds, voices, energy waves or even ghosts of the dead.
Psychic mediums can understand feelings, thoughts, emotions and sensations. They can see visions of the truth; hear voices and sounds that are neither audible nor intelligible to human ears.

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Psychic mediums can transport their awareness into any part of the space or time--present, past and future. Their consciousness can travel to any place where only human imagination can go.

This is done by going into a state of trance, which is a transcendental state. The awareness of the psychic medium goes beyond this world. This state is normally self- induced. The psychic may induce it into another person as well. Normally, the psychic himself or the psychic medium lies down on a couch or bed when he goes into trance, but he can also keep sitting or standing.

He appears to talk, walk and act like common people with the only difference that he is not aware of his physical self. There may be a slight change in his voice. When his job is over, he ‘comes back’ into this world. Strangely enough, he forgets what transpired when he was ‘away’—out of his body.

Most people seek the assistance of psychic mediums for communicating with the spirits of their loved ones who have died recently.  The death may have occurred suddenly or under painful circumstances. They wish to know how their loved ones felt at the time of their death. Was it as painful as it appeared? Did they feel peace afterwards?  The dead person may have taken away some important family information that the survivors need badly.

The psychic medium contacts the spirit of the dead person and exchanges messages between the two relatives.

Quite often the psychic mediums bring back the family secrets that are known only to the survivors. This proves the authenticity of the medium’s messaging. 
Some experienced psychic mediums do not have to lie down or go into trance in a formal way. They can go into trance and come back any time they like. It is like switching their state of trance off and on automatically as the need may be. In other words, their mind keeps working ‘here and there’ simultaneously. It is like looking through a telescope or a long tunnel and describing the vision. The clients or the interlocutors only get the messages without noticing the actual process.