How to Become a Psychic

Some people are lucky enough to be born to psychic parents, especially mothers and grandmothers. They get the psychic powers in their genes; therefore, they do not need any training to be psychics.

The moment they are able to speak properly in their childhood, they start making startling predictions about the members in the family or the neighborhood. Later on these child prodigies turn out to be famous psychics. Psychics Sylvia Browne and John Edward besides numerous others like them come in this genre of psychics.

But it does not mean that those who are not born as lucky as these people cannot become psychics. One reason why everybody can become a psychic is that everyone has the psychic capabilities at varying levels. Each one of us experiences the psychic events or moments at one time or another, or, demonstrates those capabilities almost unawares,

For example, we cannot explain how and why the moment we switch on the radio, we hear the song that is already playing in our mind. Or, how are we able to guess the person who is on the other side of the telephone line even though we have no ostensible reason to anticipate his identity? Such incidents happen in our life quite often, but we ignore them.

We must know that these involuntary psychic events are the key to our developing the psychic capabilities. We must take note of the psychic moments, try to think deeply about them and make a conscious effort to replicate them.

For example, next time when the door bell rings, try to visualize the features or the name of the possible visitor. You may even try to anticipate the expected visitors in the initial stages.

To become a psychic, a method you can do is to ask your friend to play a game of cards that involves guessing the right card. You may ask him to choose a card from the deck and you should try to guess it.

The best course is to go for a formal card game that was devised specially by Dr. Karl Zener, an eminent psychologist of Duke University in association with Dr. J B Rhine. The game aims to measure and develop the psychic capabilities. The cards, called the Zenner cards bear the   symbols of various shapes and colors and are designed to test and develop the intuitive and telepathy powers of the students.

The cards are shuffled and a person is asked to choose one from the pack. Even the chooser is not allowed to see the card and the subject is asked to guess the symbol on the card.

 His answer is noted and the process is repeated for a certain number of times. The correct and incorrect answers are tabulated and the success rate is calculated according to a preset criterion.

The card game only provides a basic idea. You may devise other guessing games with your friends and family members. They provide lots of fun and psychic training as well.

The basic idea behind the card or other games is to develop the powers of concentration, visualization, intuition, telepathy or empathy of the participants. A continuous practice with such games sharpens the psychic abilities and in course of time, you are able to apply your mind to practical day-to- day situations and events.

Most of us are faced with  business, love, examination, relationships, career, health, litigation, relocation and numerous other problems and spend time worrying about their outcome. The better course is to try to apply our mind, visualize, concentrate and anticipate rather than worry about them and dissipate our energies in negative pursuits.

A time will come, when we will become psychics without even knowing how this transformation came about.