The word ‘mediums’ means go-betweens, channels of communication, facilitators or interlocutors in our daily life.

They perform almost the same function in the world of psychics and are also known as psychic mediums, medium psychics or channels.

But the psychic mediums are no ordinary interlocutors or channels that we see around us in our social life. They are channels of communication between the people of this world with the spirits that reside in the other, astral world. Famous psychic medium John Edward calls this world as the crossover or cross country world.

Psychic mediums can establish contact with the spirits, spirit guides, angels or arch angels on the other plane of existence. They seek their guidance and help whenever they feel they are inadequate to perform their job on their own.

Psychic mediums can also see and talk with ghosts.

The process of mediumship involves psychics going into a state of trance. It is a sleep like state wherein they lose awareness of their bodies and the surroundings.  In other words, they become more soul conscious. Their spirit or soul becomes more active. And it happens as it should, because only a spirit can better communicate with the spirit.

Psychic mediums can also communicate with the spirits of the dead and bring back answers to the questions asked by their survivors. Psychics like Jane Roberts and Edgar Cayce went into this kind of trance.

But some psychic mediums do not go into sleep like state of trance. They remain wakeful and conscious of themselves and their surroundings as they invite questions from the survivors of the recently dead people.

Psychic mediums such as John Edwards, Allison DuBois, James Van Praagh, Sylvia Browne, Jeane Dixon and many others like them belong to this category. They demonstrate their mediumship powers on the famous TV programs so that millions of people can watch them live.

Most psychic mediums are born with the talent of mediumship. As children they demonstrate their mediumship abilities by predicting death, disease or other important occurrences in their families.

Strangely enough, the child mediums see visions or get messages from the beyond and thus make predictions without being aware of their psychic powers. But the elders believe them only when their predictions come true.

Some psychic mediums even ignore their abilities. But as they grow they feel compelled as if by some unknown power to pursue the path of mediumship.

Allison DuBois

Allison DuBois could communicate with the souls of the dead people when she was only six years old. When she grew old she used her mediumship abilities to help the investigation agencies such as Texas Rangers to crack difficult criminal cases. 

Allison participated for four years in several tests conducted by the University of Arizona on a variety of psychic phenomena. She earned accolades from Gary Schwartz, Director of the VERITAS Research Project who said: "Anyone who's looked closely at the evidence can't help but come to the conclusion that there is something very real going on here."

John Edward

John Edward, the famous psychic medium of America, best known for his TV shows Crossing Over with John Edward and John Edward Cross Country became conscious of his mediumship powers at a very young age.

James Van Praagh

James Van Praagh, another well-known psychic medium, was fascinated by death when he was a young boy. He did not receive any training in mediumship. It just “arose out his life.”

James prayed to God to reveal Himself when he was just eight years old. He saw an open hand through the ceiling of his room radiating beams of light.

While most people can learn astrology, numerology, tarot reading or palmistry, the gift of mediumship comes only from God or Nature. It cannot be easily learnt or acquired.