Psychic Medium Reading

When a psychic gives an assessment of the nature and personality of the client or makes a prediction, it is called psychic medium reading.

Psychic mediums deliver the readings in two ways

One way is to go into a state of trance wherein the psychic or his assistant loses the awareness of his body. His consciousness or the spirit is transported into another world, a world of spirits, spirit guides, angels, astral powers and other divine entities. He seeks their guidance and assistance in resolving the issues of the clients.

Psychic mediums can also communicate with the spirits of the dead people. They help in proving the truth of the existence of the spirits by bringing back certain vital secrets that are known only to the close members of the dead person’s family. The pleasure of a mother or a wife on hearing a message from their loved one cannot be easily imagined.

But it is not always convenient for a psychic to go into trance every time a client comes. It is not possible to spend the whole day lying into trance to service a number of assistance seekers.

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The other way for giving the psychic reading is to use the innate psychic powers. Experienced and talented psychics have so fine-tuned their psychic faculties like intuition, extra sensory perception, third eye, sixth sense or similar other inner resources that they start working when they use tools like tarot cards, astrology, numerology, crystal gazing and so on.

These psychic tools trigger a state of exalted awareness. The psychic is able to feel or sense the coming events, hear thoughts or voices, sees with his third eye all that cannot be seen by physical eyes.

He becomes like a radio receiver that catches all the energy waves that are relevant to the issues raised by the clients. In other words, these tools and methods simply trigger flashes of enlightenment that inform the psychic readings and are carried forth as predictions.

There are other psychic mediums who do not require any psychic tool to trigger their divinatory capabilities. They do not require any name, place or date of birth as in case of astrologers or numerologists.   They do not need to go into trance even. They just get premonitions of the imminent happenings to people around them.

They have the paranormal powers such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, psychokinesis or telekinesis, psychometry, telepathy, empathy and so on. Although some of these powers actually overlap each other in their functions, yet they can be used almost exclusively according to the need of the situation or the problem. For example, the powers of clairaudience and clairsentience or clairvoyance overlap each other, but they can be used to perform distinct functions.

These psychic mediums have premonitions of the things to come. The moment they see a face, they understand the nature of the person and also his future.

We often hear the true stories of young children predicting momentous events in their families or neighborhoods.

They talk about the imminent death, disability or unexpected arrival of a family member and strangely enough the prediction comes true. These child prodigies bring the talent of psychic mediumship from their previous incarnation. In fact, they are in the process of evolving their psychic or divinatory talents to higher levels.

Their predictions are only minor manifestations of their evolutionary continuum.  Some of the reputed psychic mediums either inherit their psychic talents from their parents or grandparents or bring them forward from their previous births. Both ways, the pcychic mediumship is in their genes.

You can seek psychic readings on any problem such as love, marriage, divorce, business, career, education, job, relationships, health, relocation, travel, housing and so on. All you need to do is to get an appointment with the psychic medium. There are so many psychic mediums with different specializations.