Developing Your Medium Abilities

A psychic medium is one who can communicate with the spirits and other divine entities that reside on the astral plane. Most psychic mediums are born with the gift of mediumship, but those who are not, can also become psychic mediums provided they are willing to work hard and remain focused on their objective.

Study psychic literature

The first important step to become a psychic medium is to study literature on this subject. You should read as many books and magazines on psychic mediumship as possible. Attend the sessions of the psychic mediums. Ask questions. This will clear cobwebs of doubt, if any, in your mind about the ability of the psychic mediums to communicate with the spirits and strengthen your belief in their existence.

You will also get evidential proof of the life after death by attending these sessions. All this knowledge will eliminate the fears, if any, in your mind about the spirits and ghosts. You will become familiar with their existence. Psychic mediumship basically involves interaction with spirits and ghosts.

Join psychic circles and forums

Becoming a psychic medium could never be easier than these days. Earlier, it was difficult to find out people involved in this profession. Now you only need to log on the Internet to find a host of psychic clubs and discussion forums. Join one or two such associations. Read the threads on different topics posted on the subject. Ask questions and make friends with the members. This will widen your area of knowledge and experience. Once you become a member of psychic community, you will get lots of opportunities to learn the art of psychic mediumship.

Find a guru

Although reading books and meeting people will give you a broad idea of psychic mediumship, you need an experienced guru to guide you on a definite path. Reading books or joining forum will only expose you to a large number of psychic avenues.

The guru, being a master, will help you decide which path you have to take up and how you to develop your psychic abilities to your maximum potential. He will admit you into his special esoteric circle and take you to the depth of the subject. He will guide you almost by holding your hand.

The great gurus are known to transfer their psychic talents to their loyal disciples. They have the spiritual powers to bless and endow their disciples with psychic abilities that cannot be learnt by any amount of hard work or intelligence.


Learn to do meditation, which will train and discipline your mind and body to remain focused on your objective. It will stop your energies from wandering astray and help you to concentrate them on your path. Two important mental abilities that can be developed through meditation are concentration and visualization.

These two abilities are very helpful in going into trance which enables the psychics to become psychic mediums so that they can see and communicate with the spirits of the dead, other spirits, spirit guides and even angels.

Meditation also helps to develop the power of the mind. Some psychic mediums do not need to go into formal trance to contact the spirits. They only use their mental powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, third eye or similar other extra sensory powers to communicate with the spirits and spirit guides.

Do not be afraid of initial failures

Failures are bound to occur in the initial stages of your path to becoming a psychic medium, but they are stepping-stones to success. Let failures strengthen your resolve to continue with your efforts to achieve success. Psychic mediumship is a faculty of the mind and, remember, mind is the most difficult animal in the world to train and control.