Chinese Astrology For Romance Compatibility

If you wish to understand Chinese astrology for romance compatibility among the twelve zodiac signs, here is an interesting way out:

Chinese astrology divides the twelve zodiac animal signs into four groups for romance compatibility. The groups are based according to hobbies and dispositions of the members. Each group consists of three animals of similar and complementary traits.  These groups may also be called as triangles of affinity or romance compatibility triangles.

If you want to find a really compatible partner, you should head for your group. You will find a lover who is responsive to your beliefs, temperament and aspirations. 

The best way is to find out a partner from your own animal sign. Lovers from the same zodiac signs are more likely to be compatible with each other than those from different signs.

So if your love horoscope tells you about the sign that is compatible with you, you can live a very happy and contented love life in an environment of harmony, success and enduring romance.

Chances of clash of interests are substantially minimized because of the commonality of interests, hobbies, tastes and attitudes. If you adopt this approach in searching for romance compatibility, you can land upon a flowerbed of lasting marital peace and happiness.
This, however, is not to suggest that minor disputes will not occur at all; they are bound to be always there.

Though this approach is likely to yield good results, it does not mean that you cannot find your compatible soul mate outside your group. Sometimes fierce clashes that may lead to the break up of relationship may occur even among the compatible signs.  This may possibly be due to some karmic interaction in the previous births.

First group: Horse, Dog and Tiger

Dog is the most reliable, affectionate, sincere and loyal member of this group. Its compatibility with the horse may be slightly affected due to the higher mobility of the horse.

All the three members of this group thrive upon liberty and trust. They rebel against injustice and prejudice. They are full of life, energy, high spirits and dynamism.

Each member of this love triangle is honest, idealistic and affectionate. They are impulsive but skillful communicators and love to be self-effacing for each other.

Second group: Dragon, Monkey and Rat

The people with the animal signs in the second group are go-getters in love affairs. They are action-oriented people who think positively and take initiative. They are not afraid of competition.

The traits of each animal generally complement the shortcomings of the other animals. People with these signs are considered restless, intensely passionate, dynamic, ambitious, imaginative, and innovative and always ready to move ahead to progress.

To illustrate the point, a dragon’s courage, strength and vigor may complement the timidity of the rat. The honesty and straightforwardness in dragon’s character is complemented by the shrewdness and cunning possessed by the monkey and the rat.

Third group: Sheep, Pig and Rabbit

The people with these animal signs are very intelligent and sensitive. They   have an acute sense of what is beautiful and the ugly. A deep-seated humility is a special feature of their character. They are peace loving, emotional, diplomatic, flexible, creative, artistic, calm and cool-headed people. They understand the value of cooperation and interdependence.

Fourth group: Snake, Rooster and Ox

 The fourth group consists of snake, rooster and ox. These signs belong to goal-oriented people. They are very ambitious people but cannot face defeat or failure in their efforts.

They are philosophical, careful, systematic, logical, steadfast, intelligent, disciplined, conscientious and dutiful people. They are gifted with complementary traits like the people in the first triangle.

It must be noted that certain animals are incompatible in romantic relationships with each other. For example, the romance between the rat and horse, snake and pg, dog and dragon, rooster and rabbit, monkey and tiger, sheep and ox may not prove successful.